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Housemates Got Talent

Terms and Conditions

  1. Housemates Got Talent is a talent show organised by idealHouseshare (IHS) to help raise morale during lockdown and raise funds for the NHS
  2. The competition is open to tenants currently renting a property through IHS
  3. More than one entry per household is permitted
  4. Entries must be between 1 - 5 minutes long
  5. All entries must be in by 11:59pm on Monday 26th May
  6. Points will be awarded for production quality, as well as the talent itself
  7. To qualify for the prize, you must already be a tenant living at the property on the date information about the show was first released (9th May 2020)
  8. The prize cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount already applied to the rent (excluding the loyalty discount)
  9. The discounted June rent does not apply to anyone who’s notice has been handed in and are due to vacate the property
  10. IHS accept no responsibility for copyright issues related to any act and it is up to the individual act to seek permission if copyright is required
  11. All submissions to our Talent Show will become the Intellectual property of Vesta Asset Management t/a IdealHouseshare and no claim can be made against the company for use of imagery or submitted recordings for purposes of marketing or alike