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Reasons to choose a house share and not rent on your own…

Posted by Sophie on September 12, 2020

Why houseshare?

Housesharing is something everyone should do at least once. Whether that’s just to see how you fare living with other people or to save up some money for more important things like putting down a deposit on your first house or getting smashed every weekend. 

A lot of us experience it for the first time when moving into uni. And wow, do people live differently. Of course this maybe be slightly biased, considering it’s on a website selling houseshares and all, but do I totally believe there are few things more character building than being placed in a house full of strangers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits of houseshares.

Instant friends

Why put all that effort into creating a social circle in a new city when you can just inherit one? You’ll probably meet like-minded people who you’ll get to know very well because of your living circumstances. In fact, most of the people I know in Manchester have come about because of living in houseshares. I even know an engaged couple who met in a houseshare we were in a few years ago. So who knows, you may be able to forget swiping right and find love in the most convenient way possible (although be careful to not shit where you eat of course).

Less Loneliness

It’s hard to be lonely when you’re surrounded by people. This is of course more potent than ever right now after the lockdown we’ve just had. Imagine going through that in a studio flat, you would have definitely been talking to the walls by the end.

Share and Save

Money! That’s what it’s all about it, isn’t it? And it’s no secret that living in a houseshare is a good way to save it. Just think about how much it all adds up, month after month of sharing the costs. Another thing worth mentioning is bills – even though there are more of you, energy bills will still be staggeringly cheaper when you’re sharing them, as will things like your TV licence.

Learn about Yourself

You’re about to find out more about the person you are than you’ve ever realised. The main thing being how well you get on with people. Being able to be diplomatic is one of the most sought after skills in housemates because there could be so many small things that you need to sort out. So prepare for some major character development.

Shared Chores

A problem shared is a problem halved. But in a houseshare that can be problem quartered or whatever the word for splitting things into 5 or more is. Maybe you don’t like doing the bins but someone else does (weirdo) and agree to do their washing up or something.


In conclusion, better social life? Check. Better bills? Check. A better you? Check. Looks like it’s time to check out a houseshare.

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