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We are HMO Letting Specialists

We take the hassle out of renting your property by:

∙ Maximising rental value
∙ Offering guaranteed rent
∙ Fully manage property and tenants


Properties currently
under our management

M20 & M21

Postcode letting


over 12 years

We’ve been managing HMO’s
in South Manchester since 2008.

  • Guaranteed rent throughout the duration of your contract with us, regardless of arrears or voids.
  • Hassle free approach to renting, we deal with EVERYTHING from marketing to maintenance.
  • We have an in house maintenance team & cover the cost of day to day maintenance issues.
  • The monthly bills are managed & covered by us.
  • No monthly management fees or tenant find fees.
  • We only rent to working professionals. Our target market is those who have recently graduated University or are re-locating to Manchester for work.

3 to 5

Year guaranteed
rent options


Weeks average time
to fill a property


Average increase in refurbed
property monthly rental

A lot of property owners choose idealCrashpads (our sister company who manages all our short term lets) because of the amount of work associated with short-letting. They have other commitments or they feel using specialists will maximise their properties rental. In our experience one full short term let properly could create up to 30 hours of work per month if done properly. We take that pain away for a simple cut of the booking feed. For many of our properly owners this makes good financial sense, as we have the skills, people and expertises to often increase gross booking values by more than our fees.

During your on boarding process we will ask you to send us two sets of keys. One we will keep safe should we need a back-up and the other will be with the guest

Once someone has arrived for their stay you will receive a direct payment from our selves.

We do all we can to ensure each guest has the best possible experience, we even go as far as arranging tickets to football matches or booking tables at restaurant if thats what is required.

We have an in-house interior designer on hand, to help you maximise the value of your property, which we can do for you or offer advice on what would work best.

We ensure the properly is thoroughly cleaned after every stay and a member of our team will be on hand to asses before the next person arrives.

We have a dedicated team who will look after and market your property listing on a daily basis with the aim of filling and open dates for last minute cancellations

Maximise your properties
rental value today

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