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We are HMO Letting Specialists

We take the hassle out of renting your property by:

∙ Maximising rental value
∙ Offering guaranteed rent
∙ Fully manage property and tenants

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Properties currently
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M20 & M21

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over 12 years

We’ve been managing HMO’s
in South Manchester since 2008.

  • Guaranteed rent throughout the duration of your contract with us, regardless of arrears or voids.
  • Hassle free approach to renting, we deal with EVERYTHING from marketing to maintenance.
  • We have an in house maintenance team & cover the cost of day to day maintenance issues.
  • The monthly bills are managed & covered by us.
  • No monthly management fees or tenant find fees.
  • We only rent to working professionals. Our target market is those who have recently graduated University or are re-locating to Manchester for work.

3 to 5

Year guaranteed
rent options


Weeks average time
to fill a property


Average increase in refurbed
property monthly rental

I think the question you need the answer to is ‘how are we different from a traditional managing agent?’ Traditional managing agents act as a middle man, from seeking approval of quotes for minor repairs to tenant arrears. They simply relay messages & negotiate, which isn’t the hands off and stress free approach you initially opted & are paying for.

We have in-house maintenance and decorators, there will be no cost levied onto yourself for re-painting or minor repairs. With a vast turn-over in the house share market, the maintenance and upkeep can be somewhat costly & add up over time. With us, you don’t have that cost to factor in. 

With our rent guarantee, the monthly rent quoted by us is what you will receive each month even in the event of non-payment or a void in occupancy. 

We work closely with the council and the property ombudsman to keep up to date with the ever changing laws & legislations, ensuring our tenants are safe and we are compliant.

We are an independent business & can offer more of a personal touch than what is offered with the larger corporate estate agents, with the same level of professionalism.

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Our landlords are paid 2 weeks in arrears on the 15th of every month.

Quite simply, by ensuring the property is well maintained and marketed. With regular inspections, we identify how the property can be improved and book this in with our maintenance team. From a simple lick of paint to a full overhaul, we will do what is needed. We have cleaners that attend every fortnight to help with the upkeep of the property. These details don’t just improve the quality of the property for viewings, it ensures a good relationship with existing tenants. Retention is just as important as new business. 

We have a dedicated staff member who manages the TV license and Council Tax accounts

We will cover the cost of basic maintenance and upkeep of the property, reparations to paintwork/general wear and tear.  Should any structural issues arise or we need to repair/replace any appliances or fixtures, although we can organise or instruct trusted 3rd party contractors this will be at the landlords expense.

As part of our process we would offer a free design consultation when taking on a property.  This would include assessing the existing furniture.  Thereafter we would agree upon what level of contribution can be made by both the Landlord and ourselves. Take a look at our case studies to see previous refurbishments we have done at other properties.

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